Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits: Wholesome Package

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits; You may have seen Himalayan salt lamps glowing with beautiful orange hues but you probably do not know how amazing these lamps are. Salt lamps are getting very much popular among décor and wellness enthusiasts these days because of so many valid reasons.

Basically, these lamps are made with big Himalayan salt chunks with a hole inside. When a bulb is fixed in that hole, a salt lamp is made. Switch on this bulb, the lamp will glow with a very beautiful warm light. The color of this glow ranges from light orange to dark orange with pink hues.

The Himalayan salt crystals in these lamps are hand mined from Khewra salt mines in Pakistan. These salt crystals are pure, free from any contamination and contain 84 minerals and trace elements which are amazingly good for human mind and body and for animals too.

These lamps have all the goodness of Himalayan salt in them. These hand carved lamps come in different exquisite shapes and sizes to meet the needs of every individual.

When heated, they give off warm and beautiful glow that is very gentle on the eyes and gives a peaceful feeling. These lamps are way different from other lamps due to their purity and rich mineral content. These lamps are more than just ornaments and said to have so many health benefits. One of the core benefits of these lamps is that they act as natural air purifiers. When you have salt lamps then you don’t need any other air purifier. These lamps are the best natural alternatives of commercially available air purifiers. Salt lamps improve the quality of air around you naturally and make it pollution free. Let’s find out how these amazing salt lamps purify the air and make it clean and fresh for you to breathe in without any fear.


Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

1. Salt Lamp: A Natural Air Purifier:

The air in our surrounding is full of dust, smoke, electronic smog, allergens, pollens and bacteria, all thanks to air pollution. We take so much care of our external cleanliness but what about the air that goes right into our lungs and affects it badly.

Nowadays, every second person is suffering from some respiratory conditions. Most of us, use air purifiers to get rid of all the pollutants but they are not natural. Though, they are very effective but very expensive and demand high maintenance. Here comes Himalayan salt lamps from the foothills of Himalayas to save us from the polluted air around us. Unlike commercially available air purifiers, Himalayan salt lamps are not just affordable and easy to maintain but natural source of beneficial negative ions. (1)

Salt lamps are hygroscopic in nature. When heated, these lamps attract all the moisture along with all the dust and allergens stuck in air towards them and due to warmth, the water vapors get evaporated back into the air but the dust and other harmful particles remain in these lamps, so clean and fresh air gets back in our surroundings. Thus, these lamps improve the quality of air naturally.


2. Neutralize electromagnetic radiations:

The whole evaporation process produces negative ions. These negative ions nullify the effect of harmful positive ions which are produced by electronics such as T.V, mobile phones, laptop around us. The effect of these ions may not be very much high but sometimes a little change is all we need for the betterment of our health. These ions neutralize all the positive ions and reduce the effect of electromagnetic radiations. That’s how, these lamps make the atmosphere clean, free from pollutants and unsafe radiations.


3. Create a Peaceful Environment:

Himalayan Salt lamps are not just beautiful decoration pieces but also have so many other health attributes as well. They give off a very beautiful subtle glow which creates a very warm feeling and makes the whole environment so serene and peaceful. Thus help in relaxation and tranquillity.


4. Relieve Fatigue:

Salt lamps emit negative ions that are said to be so beneficial for your mind in many ways. (2) These ions increase oxygen level in your bloodstream, boost energy level and relieve daily fatigue.


5. Alleviate Symptoms of asthma:

These lamps remove dust and pollens from the air, thus help in reducing symptoms of asthma and other respiratory problems. People who suffer from asthma may not feel the difference immediately but they will definitely feel the change after some time.


6. Reduce symptoms of allergy:

Himalayan salt lamps also remove odor-producing particles, dust, allergens, pet dander, mold, mildew and bacteria from the surrounding air. By placing a salt lamp or two in the rooms where you spend most of your time can seriously reduce the symptoms of allergy.


7. Reduce Stress, Depression and Anxiety:

Himalayan salt lamps can also be very helpful in reducing symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety by enhancing mood. When you have a heated salt lamp near you, you will automatically start feeling light and refreshed. These lamps can be helpful in increasing your concentration and also improving your irregular sleeping patterns. So, Himalayan salt lamps could be the best gift for people who are suffering from insomnia and restless sleep.


8. Meditative and Therapeutic Properties:

These incredibly versatile lamps can be an amazing addition to any place and not only helpful in increasing the quality of the décor but also create a soothing and peaceful environment through their beneficial negative ions. These lamps are said to have meditative and therapeutic properties, due to which they are very much popular among health and wellness freaks. So, why spend money on spa when you can get all the benefits of spa at home with these amazing lamps. Soak yourself in Himalayan bath salt with a heated salt lamp on your side and it is enough to give you a spa-like feel at home with zero effort. All you have to do is just switch on this stunning lamp and let yourself submerge in the goodness of nature. It will help you unwind and enjoy the goodness of nature indoors.


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