Facial Yoga Exercises For Natural Anti Ageing

Facial Yoga Exercises For Natural Anti Ageing

Facial Yoga Exercises For Natural Anti Ageing; Facial yoga exercises entail a sequence of exercises that assure to perform for your face what yoga equally performs for your body: tone & relax muscles. Do I see you raise one of your eyebrows as you read this fact? That is face yoga for you. So, I set out to fact find whether exhibiting these selected facial expressions can actually prevent — and even eradicate – sagging & wrinkles.

The facial muscles are not different from the rest of the body muscles. Your muscles beneath the neck will become flabby and weak if you do not engage in exercises. The same thing will equally happen to your face as you age”, says Dr Gold, author at Natures Gist: Eradicate Wrinkles via the Ultimate Natural Facelift. “Making to rest the facial muscles, majorly where we hold tension – like the jaw, forehead, and brow – can counteract the wrinkle-giving rise to grimacing which we do on a daily basis”. Facial Yoga clearly does not eliminate lines, but it can certainly turnaround the downward drift.

The anti-ageing facial exercises method is also outlined to raise levels of elastin & collagen creation in the middle layer of the skin providing you with a smoother, tighter-looking, and more supple skin.

Dr Gold proposes that you exhibit your anti-ageing facial exercises for at least 20 minutes, six times a week. It may look like something heavy, but you will notice results rapidly. ‘Everyone has diverse kind of faces so the number of time it will take to notice changes depends and differs from person to person,’ says Dr Gold. ‘As a rule of thumb, you will begin to notice more of a long-term development in your neck & face after about two weeks.

‘After a period of two to four months, you will see that you’ve gotten less tension & less fine lines and people will see that you healthier looking and more energetic. In the course of 6-9 months, people have reported that they notice changes in their looks and that they sense being many years younger and more relaxed within themselves.’

Find below the five anti-ageing facial exercises from Dr Gold to get you started.



Facial Yoga Exercises For Natural Anti Ageing

5 Really Simple Face Exercises



This form of exercise is made use of to aid keep firm the whole face and mainly three major muscle groups—the temporalis (they are on either position of the head up above the ears and if being made use of when chewing), the orbicularis occuli (large big muscle covering the eyes; its major role is to close the eyelids), and the zygomaticus major (the muscles for facial expression which allow us raise our cheeks and to smile). This is most simple to perform while lying down.

  1. Use your mouth to form a long “O”. You should fold your lower and upper lips above your teeth.
  2. Try to smile using your mouth lifting corners and the muscles of your cheek drawn up firmly.
  3. Your palms should be placed on your cheeks and your pinkies should rest at the sides of your eyes. Then your fingers should be pressed across your temples, putting a firm pressure. Draw your fingers up, behind your head (i.e at the head back). This procedure will raise the sides of your eyes up and out.
  4. Your eyes should be closed. Draw your chin from your face in a forward manner. Sense the pressure at the sides of your eyes and feel your scalp and cheeks being tightened.
  5. Put on hold for about twenty seconds. Relax.

This should be repeated three times.



Your both cheeks should be puffed out and shift the air you have in your mouth from one side cheek to the other. This should be repeated 5 times. Then blow out air while trying to make a small “O”. Perform again the exercise three to four times to retain your cheeks firmly.



This exercise aids to make stronger the group of muscles found on, under, and around your chin (inclusive of the triangularis, mentalis, depressor labii, and the platysma). Putting them to work may aid tone droopy jowls and sagging cheeks, as well as make your jawline stronger.

  1. Start by putting up a smile.
  2. Make an “ahh” sound with your mouth. Put into your mouth your lower lip and the corners of your lips and hold them firmly. Put forward your lower lip.
  3. Perform a scooping-up motion at a slow speed as you close your mouth. This should be done with your lower jaw. (Imagine making use of your jaw to scoop up something that has heavyweight.) Raise your chin up about an inch every time you scoop, turning your head backwards.
  4. Your lower jaw should be opened and closed ten times. On the repetition final stage, your chin should be focused towards the ceiling. Maintain an extension of the chin and maintain this position firmly for twenty seconds, while imagining the sides of your face lifting.

Perform the task twice.



Look up and tightly gather your mouth as if you are about to kiss something. Maintain the mouth position for 5 seconds, and perform the task 5 times. For more noticeable high cheekbones and jawline, you can also bring out your tongue while facing up the ceiling in order to stretch and strengthen the muscles in your neck. Note: Go back to a neutral location to repeat the exercise every time.



This form of exercise is supposed to promote movement in the muscles of the face, scalp, and neck, as well as aid lessen stress and boost youthful vitality. It is best achieved when standing up.

  1. Produce a long “O” with your mouth. Bend both your upper and lower lips above your teeth.
  2. As you smile, ensure that the corners of your mouth lift and your cheek muscles are raised up firmly.
  3. Ensure your eyes are closed, and towards your scalp, roll your eyeballs up. Position your mouth to produce the “O” as small as possible. Try to tighten your cheek muscles further by smiling again. Turn your head back slowly.
  4. It is time to tighten your buttocks & abdominals. After doing this, lift your chest, contracting all muscles of your face.
  5. Raise your hands up slowly and over your head as you imagine lifting all fifty-seven muscles of your face off your body. Maintain your smile and look up with all fifty-seven muscles pointing up towards the ceiling. Focus and concentrate via taking deep, long breaths.
  6. Maintain the position firmly for thirty seconds. Breath out as you allow your hands and head drop down toward the floor. Roll your body back up in a slow motion.

Perform this exercise twice a day.


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