Food Poisoning Vs Stomach Flu: Facts Unknown

Food Poisoning Vs Stomach Flu: Facts Unknown

Food Poisoning Vs Stomach Flu: Facts Unknown; There’s nothing more detriment than feeling nauseated to the point where you have to stay close to a bathroom. What is the cause of this stomach upset? It could be as a result of a virus, and it could also be caused by bacteria or parasites gotten from a rotten or ill-prepared meal.

The both of these can cause similar signs, but there are some major variations on how your body reacts to stomach flu or stomach bug (which is actually an inflammation referred to as gastroenteritis) as against food poisoning. Having knowledge of the one causing your stomach woes can also aid you in getting the correct treatment.

If vomiting sets in, concerning what to do when you have food poisoning, you need to find out if you have a food poisoning or stomach flu. Finding out what the cause of your vomiting is can aid a doctor to find out what treatment to effect if there is any you should take. If you feel ill and nauseous, it is also imperative to seek for medical aid so you can be hydrated and diagnosed for symptoms of complications.



Food Poisoning Vs. Stomach Flu

Stomach flu (also referred to as gastroenteritis), can be transmitted by a virus, parasite, or bacteria. When you contact stomach flu, it is often followed by:

Other signs can also surface. Food poisoning can possess very identical signs to stomach flu, although a fever, muscle aches, and headaches are more likely to be symptoms of the stomach flu than food poisoning.  On the contrary, the physical pain of the belly is more likely to be as a result food poisoning than as a result of stomach flu. In either direction, vomiting can be as a result of dehydration, which may complicate your condition.


Characteristics/Differences Between Stomach flu and Food Poisoning

  1. The “stomach flu” usually occur as a result of a virus. Also called viral gastroenteritis, the colloquial utilization of the word “flu” to explain the illness is in a way misleading. Gastroenteritis does not have link to influenza (which is that widespread affliction we hear about every year that affects the throat and nose). Thus, a flu shot does not have any effect against the food poisoning. Viruses that give rise to gastroenteritis include the adenovirus, rotavirus, and – most commonly – the norovirus. The stomach flu is unbelievably contagious.

On the other hand, food poisoning arises after one eats food that has been contaminated with viruses, bacteria, or parasites as a result of poor preparation, handling, or storage. Common bacteria which cause food poisoning are E.coli and Salmonella.


  1. Complications can occur much more when one has food poisoning. It can even be life-threatening but in rare cases. If you think your child may have consumed food that is contaminated, do not fail to call your pediatrician.

The most common adverse consequence of both food poisoning and stomach flu is dehydration and is the major reason for hospitalization with both illnesses. For a fast recovery, replenishment of fluids is essential.


  1. Signs and Symptoms – while greatly similar for both the food poisoning and stomach flu, there are however subtle variations. Although unpleasant not life-threatening, signs such as headaches and dull aches commonly occur with gastroenteritis. However, one major sign, especially – bloody stools – is not linked with stomach flu/bugs, but can indicate a vital bacterial infection, like E.Coli, and should give rise to urgent medical attention.

Stomach illnesses are totally not pleasant, but they can also be threatening for parents of young children. If you have cause for concerns, consult a doctor for professional advice.


  1. Incubation Period Variation. Notwithstanding that it may look like a lightning storm, generally the stomach flu occurs for a period of one to two days following exposure. It can be transmitted from a family member to another with some overlap. The side effects tend to last for two to three days.

In analysing food poisoning Vs stomach flu, food poisoning, which can occur within hours of consuming contaminated food, is linked more with an immediate onset of signs/symptoms and a quicker rebound. Occasionally, signs do not surface until weeks after the consumption of the contaminated food.



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