Red Bumps On The Penis: What Could It Mean?

Red Bumps On The Penis

Red Bumps On The Penis: What Could It Mean? Describing red bumps on the penis is difficult.  The red bumps are usually harmless and common.  Red bumps on the penis can be caused by several factors. It can be due to a harmless condition, like condom-induced allergies or dermatitis, eczema, etc.  At other times, the appearance of red bumps can be an indication of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


What can cause red bumps on the penis?


1. If it occurs when you have never been involved in sexual intercourse;

The red bumps may be ordinary pimples if you have never had sex before. It may also be as a result of ingrown hairs or a skin cyst.  You do not need to worry about these issues; they are just common occurrences. A penile papule is yet another possible cause of red bumps. The whitish bumps come upon the head of the penis and can also come up on the edge of the glans.  They can also appear whitish. You will never experience any harm from conditions like ingrown hairs, cysts, papules, and pimples.  They can, however, get infected if you attempt to pop them.


2. If it occurs when you have had sex;

The appearance of red bumps on the penis can be due to STD if you are having sex or have had sex in the past.  If it appears as painful ulcers, blisters or bumps, then it may be due to conditions like herpes.  Another condition that can appear as red bumps on the penis is genital warts, which is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). They are hard to see and have an irregular shape. They are also not painful at all.  Syphilis can lead to a painless ulcer also.  Another infection that can lead to the formation of red bumps is molluscum contagiosum; it can be spread via sexual intercourse and manifests as painless, small bumps.

Not all STDs lead to painful bumps. Be that as it may, they can lead to complicated health status if not quickly addressed.


Other causes of red bumps on the penis                    


1. Razor burn

Recently shaved skins are the usual ground for razor burns. It can result in irritation and redness. It can also lead to minor cuts. A combination of pus-filled bumps and ingrown hairs can occur if the area gets healed.

The razor burn can get healed on its own. Oatmeal-Based body lotion can be applied on the area to soothe the irritation on the skin.  This lotion should be applied every time after you shave and this can prevent irritation in the future.


2. Fordyce spot

When the sebaceous gland becomes visible, it is called a Fordyce spot.  The sebaceous gland can normally be found under the hair follicles, but only found in areas that do not have hair, like the penis. The spots that result from this are either yellow or white.

If you see Fordyce spot in your mouth, then it means you also have it on your penis.  The condition can have up to 50 or even 100 spots in a cluster at once.

It is harmless but can cause an aesthetic problem. It can be managed via certain dermatologic procedures, like laser therapy.  Another treatment option is Isotretinoin.


3. Tyson glands

They are visible sebaceous glands. These bumps can be found around the frenulum; they can also be found in the small tissue folds under the penis.

The spots that result may be yellow or white. It is also usually small in size.  They need no treatment since they are harmless.


4. Folliculitis

Hair follicle inflammation can cause a formation of bumps close to the base of the pubic hair. The red bumps that result have a relationship with the condition called folliculitis.  The bumps may be itchy and painful.

This condition can get resolved naturally without applying any treatment. If the condition is, however, recurring or stubborn, you can apply topical antimicrobials.  This can prevent future inflammation aside from clearing any existing pump.


5. Pearly penile papules

Coronae glandis, hirsuties or papules are protrusions from the flesh around the glans.  They are judged to be part of the normal anatomy of the penis and have no relationship to acne. They also produce oil which moisturizes the glans.


6. Lymphocele lumps

Masturbation or sexual activity can lead to lymphocele lumps. It manifests via swollen areas along the penile shaft due to blocked lymph fluids.

The lumps and effects only occur temporarily. The symptoms can also resolve on their own without treatment.


When you should see a doctor

Most times, complications do not occur before the red bumps clear off, especially if the affected individual had never had sex before. You should, however, see the doctor fast if there is no improvement in the condition.

You should contact the doctor if you notice any of the symptoms below:

  • Bumps that have changing texture, shape or size
  • Widespread rash
  • Oozing pus

This can be a sign of an underlying condition or of infection. Your doctor can carry out clinical examination on you to diagnose the symptoms and develop a helpful care plan that is specific to what you need.


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