Top 7 Best Nutritional Drinks For Adults

Top 7 Best Nutritional Drinks For Adults
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Top 7 Best Nutritional Drinks; Have you heard about malnutrition? It’s nothing but the deficiency of nutrients due to the intake of imbalances food substances. Well, being a regular person, if you are worried about the same issue, then right now you have landed in the right place to put an end to this problem forever. Being solely related to improper consumption of foodstuff, the malnutrition can be overcome mainly by two different procedures – i) By following balanced diet chart ii) Taking nutritional drinks, especially amongst the top 7 best nutritional drinks listed below, in order to balance the quantity of several nutrients in the body.

While following the first method, a person has to take balanced diet every day which facilitates balancing of the several nutrients i.e. protein, calcium, vitamin & mineral etc. It is a slow natural procedure without having any kind of side effect. But in the case of latter one, intake of nutritional drinks enhances the level of all the deficient nutrients within the body in a stipulated time. Being a complete package of all the nutrients, it is more effective than taking balanced diet every day. Today, we are going to discuss the top 7 nutritional drinks for adults to help you out in finding a way to get rid of any kind of disorder causing malnutrition.


Top 7 Best Nutritional Drinks

Let’s have a quick view over the top 7 nutritional drinks in the following:

  1. Nestle Carnation Instant Breakfast:

Being a product manufactured by the Nestle, one of the most reputed company in the field of food and beverage, this drink which is one of the top 7 best nutritional drinks has already gathered several positive feedbacks from the customers. Keeping the quality factor as the top priority, the Nestle has formulated this milk-based tasty product which consists of Vitamin, A, B, C, calcium, and iron etc. Having micronutrients as well as macronutrients as the constituents, it delivers not only 130 calories but also 5 grams of protein in each serving. Being a low-fat nutritional drink, it lacks trans-fat. Being available mainly in two flavours i.e. French Vanilla and Classic Chocolate, its costs fluctuate from $28 to $40.

  1. Glucerna SR:

Glucerna SR, the vanilla flavoured nutritional drink is specially formulated for diabetic patients. Having potency to deliver, 190 calories as well as 10 grams of protein in a single serving, it stabilizes the blood sugar level, therefore, helps in losing weight. Being lactose & gluten free diet, it contains 27 different vitamins and mineral which makes it the rich source of almost all the necessary nutrients of the human body. The taste of this drink is not yet confirmed as it varies from person to person. Being available in both the chocolate & vanilla flavour, it costs around $29.46 for the container having 14.11 ounce as a quantity.

  1. Boost Glucose Control Nutritional Drink:

If you are a regular or a diabetic person, facing any diet-related concern and want to counteract the same then consuming this lactose & gluten free diet then the Boost Glucose Control is one of the best options for you. Having ingredients like soy protein isolate, minerals, milk protein concentrate, calcium caseinate& vitamins, it has enough potential to fulfil the nutrient needs by delivering 190 calories as well as 16 grams protein per serving. Apart from boosting the weight loss procedure, it delivers 24 different kinds of essential minerals as well as vitamins. It is available in 237 ml container of mainly three flavours i.e. strawberry bliss, chocolate sensation & vanilla delight.

  1. Ensure Plus:

Are you running out of energy? The Ensure Plus which is actually a pre-packaged nutritional drink not only boosts your energy but also helps to maintain nutrient levels in the body. Having capability of delivering 220 calories and 9 grams protein, it can readily boost the rate of metabolism- thus it’s classification as one of the top 7 best nutritional drinks. This nutritional drink is not only available in different flavour (i.e. chocolate, coffee latte, vanilla, dark chocolate, butter pecan and strawberry) but also in different compositions according to the needs of the user. The major variants of this drink are Light (70 calories), Compact (220 calories), Pre-surgery (200 calories), Enlive (350 calories), High protein (160 calories) & Surgery (18 grams of protein) etc.

  1. Almased Dietary Supplement:

The Almased Dietary Supplement is devoid of bioactive peptide due to specialized formulation process i.e. the ‘unique fermentation technique’. Regular using of this nutritional drink will not surely be going to affect your health as it is completely free from any kind of artificial flavours, stimulants & preservatives etc. Being a rich source of enzymes as well as amino acids, not only it eases the digestion process but also maintains the level of blood sugar which in turn results into lowering of the craving.

  1. Extend nutrition:

The Extend Nutrition is nothing but a balanced mixture of fat, protein and carbohydrates which is formulated by the reputed physician, Francine Kaufman (President of American Diabetic Association). Having the potential to give you a boost of 9 hours, it provides 110 calories & 15 grams protein. Unlike the other nutritional drinks, you can drink this one only after combining it with the prescribed quantity of water. Being a kosher as well as gluten-free product, it is available in three different flavours i.e. vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. The usual price for 5 serving packages of this product is approximately $14.99.

  1. Pure Protein Shake:

Apart from considering it as the best seller in this type of product category, it is also a rich source of protein. Consuming one can of this drink every day will surely boost the protein level just after few days of use. Being a low carb nutritional drink, it delivers plenty of calcium into the body which prevents bone-related diseases by maintaining the health of bones. It is available in three different flavours i.e. Cookies & cream, Frosty Chocolate and Banana Cream. Being the most popular, the frosty Chocolate formula costs around $37.32/12 cans.

All the above-mentioned top 7 best nutritional drinks need to be consumed according to the prescribed quantity. As consuming few of these foods are not good for your testosterone levels, consumption of this supplement should be done under any doctor’s supervision otherwise you may suffer a lot. If you find it difficult to fulfil the nutrient needs by the regular diet, then try those top 7 nutritional drinks to balance the level of nutrients.


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