Genital Warts during Pregnancy- Signs And Solutions

Genital Warts during Pregnancy

Genital Warts during Pregnancy; What symptoms are associated with genital wart when you are pregnant?  If you are having genital wart while you are pregnant, does it put your baby in any danger?  How best can you handle genital wart when you are pregnant? Many expectant mothers may not find it comfortable to ask these questions.  The families and expectant mothers should see pregnancy as an exciting thing; this is more so if you prioritize your health, practice good nutrition and see your doctor regularly.  This way, you can put paid too much of the stress associated with pregnancy.

Individuals having somewhat serious health issues should take these very important healthy steps.  The problem that can occur before, during or after pregnancy can be successfully avoided. If you are diagnosed with a genital wart, it is very important that you and your healthcare professional follow very important steps to ensure you are always in good health while you are pregnant.

Individuals having HPV history should let their prenatal healthcare provider be aware.  The individual should equally tell the healthcare professional if he/she has done an abnormal pap smear or had a genital wart in the past.  There is rarely any effect on the unborn child from a parent having HPV.  The doctor will still want to find out if you are having any form of abnormality in the course of the pregnancy.  During pregnancy, many cells are developing and multiplying in your body; this is why the doctor will need to check for any change or unusual growth in you. During pregnancy, it is also possible to develop bigger genital warts.

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Genital warts during pregnancy- Treatment

The individual case of the pregnant woman determines how genital warts will be treated.  Generally, warts rarely lead to pregnancy complications. Be that as it may, the doctor may decide not to consider treating warts while you are pregnant.

It may lead to an increase in growth, but will still not lead to any form of threat to the health of the pregnant woman.  The doctor can employ any of the safe methods of removing warts if he thus decides. Some of the safe methods are laser removal, surgical removal, and freezing.

You should liaise with your doctor for guidance on the health risk of any drug you may be taking for genital warts. You may have to stop taking genital warts during pregnancy if your doctor feels you should stop.


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