Do Genital Warts Itch And Cause Irritation?

Is There A Cure For Genital Warts?

Do Genital Warts Itch And Cause Irritation? Human papillomavirus (HPV) is responsible for warts and it can be itchy. At times, the affected person can also end up with pain.  The HPV infection itself is the factor responsible for the itching.  The human body tries to fight the infection on a constant basis and this leads to itching. The itching is more noticeable while the warts are growing and the growing period can last for up to six months.

The itching can get worse if you scratch warts.  Scratching them get them more irritated and can also spread them.  Skin rash associated with warts can occur before or during the period that genital warts appear on the skin. The cream discussed below can be used in treating the itching.

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Do Genital Warts Itch- Why genital warts can cause irritation and itching

The underlying infection is the factor responsible for the irritation and itching you experience in genital warts.  Your body tries to fight the infection and this factor leads to itching.

You can get genital warts inflamed when your cloth rubs against them.  Itching can also occur while the genital warts are healing.  The scars make the warts itch as they get healed; warts can also itch, especially if they open and bleed due to vigorous scratching. Outbreaks of genital warts can lead to a rapid change in your skin and you may not find it easy to keep the skin clean when clusters of warts appear on it.


Treatment methods for itchy genital rash

Warts themselves seem to itch directly. In a real sense, the itching is coming from the skin around warts.  The infection, irritation, and growth associated with genital warts also contribute to the itching. Your doctor can help with the removal of warts. However, you can apply creams to warts for treating the associated itching symptoms.

Many sources have been traced to the itch and rash associated with warts, but the response is always the same.  This means products used in treating itching on any other part of the body can also be used against warts itching.

You can apply some of the treatments enumerated below to cause a relief to the itching.

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Cortisone 10 Maximum Strength Anti-Itch Cream

  • Benefits: It is affordable and can produce relief to the itching, in addition to other symptoms. It contains aloe which can speed the rate of healing. It is the most reliable among the products available for relieving itchiness.
  • Indication: It treats skin rashes and relieves irritation in the genital area. Also, it relieves redness and inflammation.
  • Where to buy: Most drugstores, Walgreens, Target, Wal-Mart or Amazon


Calmoseptine Ointment

  • Benefits: It can reduce the pains and heal the itchiness. It is rich in menthol, which provides cool relief.
  • Indication: Works against all forms of external rashes, either they are painful or itchy.
  • Where to buy: Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Amazon


Emu Joy Banish My Rash Cream

  • Benefits: It does not contain any synthetic ingredient or steroid. It is natural and organic by a 100%. It can put paid to irritation and itchiness of rashy skin very fast. It easily enters into the skin to bring about the desired relief. Its effect lasts longer than virtually all other over the counter remedies.
  • Indication: It treats itchy, inflamed or reddened skin. It also treats dry skin in those rash areas.
  • Where to buy: Amazon. You can get effective itch relief from many corticosteroid-based creams.


Seagate Stop Rash Topical Spray  

  • Benefits: It is 100% natural. It provides desired relief on contact almost instantly. It can counter inflation and also protect the body against bacterial infection.  The application is very easy and it never stains the cloth and it is not messy like many other creams.
  • Indication: Works for all kinds of inflammation, painful burning. Itchy skin and skin rashes associated with sores and warts.
  • Where to buy: Amazon


One of the commonest symptoms of genital warts is itching. The skin itchiness is mainly associated with a rash, which may occur close to warts. Poor hygiene in the warts area consequent of other forms of irritation, tight clothing or increased itching can worsen the rash. Never forget to seek medical help for the genital warts removal and treatment. However, you can take care of the rash and itchiness using any of the products discussed above.


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