Can Genital Warts Cause Cancer? Get Answer

Can Genital Warts Cause Cancer? Get Answer

Can Genital Warts Cause Cancer? Everyone needs to be informed about the connection that exists between cancer and genital warts. The singular connection between the two has to do with the human papillomavirus involved. More than 100 strains of HPV are available. However, the particular strain that is responsible for genital warts is not linked to cancer, except in very rare conditions.  As a result, genital warts are rarely considered to be cancerous.

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Cervical cancer HPV and HPV infective strains can be classified into two:

  • Low risk
  • High risk

The high-risk ones are the ones that are more commonly associated with cancer. These ones do not present any external symptom. Genital warts are caused by the low-risk ones. They are harmless overall and also have less than 1% chance of leading to cancer.


Can Genital Warts Cause Cancer- The cancers that originate from HPV

The various types of cancer caused by high-risk HPV are:

  • Cervical cancer: Practically all forms of cervical cancer originate from HPV up to 70% of cervical cancer cases originate from the type 16 and type 18 of HPV strains.
  • Anal cancer: Type 16 of HPV is responsible for about 95% of this type of cancer
  • Oropharyngeal cancer: This type of cancer comes up in the middle aspect of the throat and can also include areas, like tonsils, tongue base, and the soft palate. Up to 70% of this type of cancer originates from HPV. Over 50% of oropharyngeal cancers originate from type 16 of HPV.
  • Rare cancers: 65% of vaginal cancers are caused by HPV. It also causes about 50% of vulvar cancer. Furthermore, it causes about 35% of penile cancers. The type 16 HPV is the culprit.

The high-risk type of HPV is responsible for up to 5% of all cancers in the world.  The high-risk type is also the cause of up to 3% of all cancers in the United States. It also causes about 2% of all the cancers in men.

It can take several years and even decades for a cancer cell to develop after HPV infection.  The HPV types that lead to genital wart are different from those HPV types responsible for cancer.

You can rarely know which of those having HPV that will end up with cancer or any other health problem. An individual having a poor immune system and those having HIV/AIDS may not have the strength to combat HPV infection. There is also a higher chance of them developing a health problem from the HPV infection.


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