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Are Genital Warts Painful? In certain instances, you may end up experiencing pain when you have genital warts.  Aside from the pain, they are rarely associated with any other symptom.  Genital warts can come up in genital areas, throat or mouth. They are equally associated with painless bumps. They can lead to burning pain in some instances.  You may experience more of this pain when having sexual intercourse.  You should let your doctor know if you are experiencing painful growth of genital warts. The doctor can provide you with various options for treatment.

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Are Genital Warts Painful- Do genital warts have painful sensation when touched?

Some cases of genital warts can cause pain, but not all. They do not necessarily cause pain after being touched except if they bleed or are open. The pains can further increase if genital warts end up being subjected to friction or pressure when clothes rub on them. Genital warts have a growth period of six months and pains can also be experienced during this period.

Many of warts occurring today don not manifest pain all through their existence. If you have a single wart, it may not lead to as much pain as when you have clusters of genital warts. Clusters of warts can lead to irritation.  You can feel more pain when you have raised warts compared to flat warts. Raised warts can catch on your clothing and you can also scratch it, which can lead to bleeding and pain.

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How to lower the chance of pain in warts   

Some of the things you can do to lower the occurrence of pain in warts:

The various options are:

  • Do not scratch warts at all
  • Do not wear tight-fitting underwear or clothing
  • You can use OTC medications and creams for numbing the pain of the wart.



No needs to endure the pains associated with warts, even if you have plans to remove it in the future. You can use several over the counter products to soothe the associated pain; this way, you can carry out your daily activities without bothering about any pain.


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