Male Genital Warts Facts- Genital Warts in Penis

How Do You Get Genital Warts?

Male Genital Warts Facts- Genital Warts in Penis: Genital warts are not as common in men as they are in women.  In most cases, they come upon the tip of the penis; they can equally come up close to the anus. It may take up to three months after the infection before genital warts show up.

You can avoid complications of male genital warts if you seek treatment immediately after detecting that you are infected. Getting it traded on time will also remove the possibility of infecting others. It can come upon penal shaft in about 50% of infected individuals, especially below the foreskin.

  • It occurs around the anus in about 1/3 of cases
  • It appears on the head of the penis in about 1/10th of those infected
  • It occurs on the urethra in about 1/10th of those infected
  • It occurs under the foreskin in about 1/12th of those infected
  • It occurs in the scrotum in about 1/30th of cases

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Risks associated with male infection

Cancer of the penis and anus can occur in men if they are infected by certain strains of the HPV. Such cancers may be rare if the man has a very good immune system. According to estimation by the American Cancer Society (ACS), up to 2,120 men in the United States will end up with cancer of the penis by 2017, while anal cancer is expected to occur in about 2,950 men.

The risks associated with cancer goes higher in gay by 17% compared with men that have normal sex with women. Men infected with HIV also have rather a high risk of developing cancer.

Many of the cancers found at the back of the throat, tonsils and tongue base are related to HPV.  These types are the most common forms of HPV-related. They are also referred to as the commonest HPV-related cancers. On yearly basis, the number of new cases recorded is up to 13,000.

Cancer rarely occurs from other forms of HPV than this.  Be that as it may, they usually lead to genital warts. About 1% of all sexually active male in the United States will end up with genital warts.

Male Genital Warts Facts- Genital Warts in Penis

Male Genital Warts Symptoms Associated With HPV 

No symptom is noted in most instances if you are having that type of genital warts that leads to cancer. The first symptom is genital warts if you are having any strain of a low-risk HPV. This type will not cause cancer but will manifest as genital warts.

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HPV infection tests

The doctor needs to first check the genital area visually before he can diagnose that you have genital warts. Warts can be differentiated from other growths by applying vinegar solution; this is more so if the genital warts are not visible or raised.  The test is not 100% reliable.  There are times the doctor may call your normal skin a wart.

Men do not have any routine test to determine if they have genital warts, same for high-risk HPV infection. The doctor collects the sample and examines them for any form of abnormal growth.


HPV infection treatment in men

HPV infection cannot be treated in men especially if there is no symptom. Doctors focus on treating the health problems associated with the HPV.

The doctor can adopt different forms of treatment when genital warts come up.  One of them is prescription cream, which can be applied at home. Genital warts can be equally removed via freezing or surgical procedure.


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