Types of Genital Warts And Their Associated Remedies

Types of Genital Warts And Their Associated Remedies

Types of Genital Warts And Their Associated Remedies; Genital warts are of different types.  The type and size are the main factors that determine the best treatment modality to adopt.  The same virus is responsible for genital warts; it is the HPV.  Genital wart is equally known as venereal/penile warts or condyloma.

Genital warts have the same appearance as a skin-colored growth and can be found around or inside the genitals. In most instances, genital warts do not come with any pain and they can also come in clusters.  Before you engage in sexual activities, make sure you first treat genital warts since it is contagious.

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Types of Genital Warts- Various forms of warts and their associated treatment

Genital warts appear to be moist and soft to touch. They also come up in groups of threes or fours.  You must take note that the appearance differs from one person to another.  Some individuals may end up with only one or two warts and some other persons may have a huge number of warts when warts do not show clear evidence of growth, they take on a cauliflower appearance and also appear in clusters. Additionally, they end up with flesh color.

HPV and the various types of warts

Over a hundred strains of HPV (human papillomavirus) have been discovered.  Only two of them are linked to many of genital warts seen today.  Many of them are due to HPV and 11.  They tend to grow for about 6 months and then stop growing. Other forms of HPV aside from the two mentioned can lead to warts growth on the hands or feet.  Warts growing on the hands and feet are not as contagious as genital warts.  Just a few of the strains of HPV are referred to as high-risk HPV and they can cause cancer.

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Bleeding or itching sores

Genital warts can lead to mild pain and the affected individual can experience bleeding or itching. Keep in mind that this condition only takes place on rare occasion, especially when the warts are big or they get scratched off.  If you think you are having warts, make sure you do not scratch them.  Instead of scratching them off, it is better to consult your doctor.

Genital warts in women

Various types of genital warts affecting women can come up in the vagina or around it. They can equally come up in the neck of the womb and vulva. On many occasions, the genital warts are just too small in size that they cannot be seen with naked eyes.  Warts that grow inside the vagina can lead to discomfort, but they do not lead to any symptom whatsoever.

  • Two or three genital warts cases are close to the vulva
  • 1/3rd of genital warts cases are within the vagina
  • 1/3rd of genital warts are located between the anus and vagina
  • 1/10th of warts grow on the cervix
  • 1/20th of genital warts cases are found at the urethra opening

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Genital warts in men

Genital warts do not occur as frequently in men as they do in women.  In most instances, they come up on the top of the penis. In many instances, genital warts develop from one to three months after the infection.

You should never delay in examining yourself if you find out that you are infected; this way, you can avoid the possibility of complications an also ensure you do not infect other people.  Genital warts can come up on the tip of the penis in about 50% of cases.

  • In 1/3rd of cases, genital warts come up around the anus
  • In 1/10th of cases, they come up on the head of the penis
  • In 1/10th of cases, they develop in the urethra
  • In 1/12th of cases, they develop under the foreskin
  • In about 1/30th of cases, they come up between the scrotum and anus.
  • In about 1/100th of cases, they come upon the scrotum.


 Various types and treatments for genital warts

It is easier to treat the smaller types of genital warts compared to the larger ones.  It is also easier to treat genital warts that grow on the moist skin compared to the ones growing in dry areas of the skin.  You can use Aldara, Condyline and many other types of cream for treating genital warts. If warts persist, however, you will need to see a dermatologist. You may also consider some other methods of treatment, like laser treatment, cryosurgery or surgical removal.



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