LA-3 Supplement: Reviews and Facts

LA-3 Supplement: Reviews and Facts

What is LA-3?


LA-3 Supplement came from the stables of LA-3 Live Cell Research based in California.  The company is a “nutraceutical” company, as it refers to itself; it assumes this name since it focuses its attention on making nutrition-based supplements capable of repairing and healing the human body to make it function at optimum.

This title is not considered as being real because the FDA never review the efficacy or use of many of the natural products that are available over the counter today on the internet or stores. There is a little difference between plant-based nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical-based drugs.

LA-3 can be sold in LA-3 kit or separately.  The LA-3 kit is also made up of other health products capable of rejuvenating an individual from the cellular level.

Health supplement watch groups are closely watching the various products being made by Live Cell Research since these products do not seem to deliver as promised by the manufacturers.


LA-3 ingredients

LA-3 does not contain any allergen; this is exactly why many people feel comfortable to buy the products made by the Live Cell Research company.  You will never find substances like chemical-based preservatives, animal products or lactose in any of these products.

The company never covers up or keep secret the ingredients they use in their products.  The LA-3 supplement, for example, is made up of three LA-3 ingredients and they are listed below:

  • Berberine HCI (100mg)
  • Quercetindihydrate (100mg)
  • Gynostemmapentaphyllum leaf extract (450mg)


What LA-3 AMPK activator does?

The ingredients that make up LA-3 are designed to work synergistically, and they are designed to be AMPK activator, which is a product capable of increasing adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase in the human body. The enzyme is reduced in the natural aging process everyone goes through.

The enzyme is supposed to be very important for individuals seeking for everlasting youthful energy. The individual can, therefore, feel youthful again if the quantity of AMPK is increased in the body.


Does LA-3 supplement deliver on its promises?

More reliable research has been conducted in this regard. As a result, it cannot be said yet whether a product works or not. The best thing one can do is to investigate the various studies already completed on the individual active ingredient in the product. The ingredients are:

1. Gynostemmapentaphyllum

Gynostemmapentaphyllum is the first among the ingredients in this product. It is also referred to as “jiaogulan.”  The ingredient is derived from a plant with its origin in China. As a result, it is usually used in that part of the world in making traditional medicine.

This is one of the reasons why people from China tend to live for a very long time. It is believed by some people that their longevity is due to the fact that their tea contains jiaogulan, which they drink almost daily.

The ingredient can confer longevity on those who take it. This has also led to the search for other related plants that can serve as a “fountain of youth” and help extend the lifespan of people.

No one has ever proven this information anyway. Be that as it may, the ingredient is used presently in making alternative medicine. It can be used in treating virtually any ailment you may ever imagine, like liver disease, immune system problems, and cancer.


2. Quercetindihydrate

The quercetindihydrate present in LA-3 is somewhat different. Many small clinical trials have been organized over time to study the ingredient.  Many of the clinical trials are sponsored by those companies making supplements containing quercetindihydrate.

Quercetindihydrate has been found to be an insoluble chemical in vegetables and fruits and they are suspected to have antioxidant properties. This, however, does not make it a miracle cure for diseases.

The FDA warned these companies making quercetindihydrate supplements sometimes ago since those companies were making several claims that they can be used in treating cancer and other serious illnesses. The companies were compelled to change the words they used in advertising the products to give the public a more accurate idea of what the product can do since the claim for a cancer cure is not true.

The effect of quercetindihydrate is similar to that of an antioxidant, but its chemical composition is different. As a result, it cannot stimulate old or damaged cells to undergo apoptosis, which is one property found in antioxidants.


3. Berberine

Berberine is the last ingredient present in LA-3. It has gained a lot of attention since some researchers have proven it to fight against high blood sugar and inflammation in a manner more efficient than many of the pharmaceutical products composed for the same purpose.

Berberine is a plant-based ingredient. It can be found in several plants, like Oregon grape, goldenseal, and barberry.


Benefits found in LA-3            

Many benefits are associated with this product, according to Live Cell Research. Some of the benefits are discussed below:

1. Improved energy

If you can increase the quantity of AMPK in your body, you will get more energetic and feel like you are younger.  This benefit is among those things that make this product unique and it makes it acceptable to individuals above 40 years of age that are suffering from fatigue due to their hectic lifestyle.


2. Improved cognitive functioning

Brain fog can happen when you cannot sue energy appropriately. This will manifest as an inability to concentrate and impaired memory.  You can improve the way your body responds to insulin with the help of LA-3.  As a result, the cells in your body will not be starved of sugar anymore. According to Live Cell Research, the LA-3 is sufficient to improve the ability to carry out tasks requiring top reasoning skills; it can also improve forgetfulness

The potential side effects of LA-3

An LA-3 supplement might have been proved to boost AMPK levels. The evidence about this is limited, however. Be that as it may, the product is safe and will not lead to any unwanted side effect.

WebMD stated that gynostemmapentaphyllum can lead to certain side effects, like increased bowel movement and nausea.  No one can say if taking quercetin is safe when used for over 12 weeks.


How safe is LA-3?

LA-3 is considered to be safe for adults. Females that are planning to get pregnant or already pregnant should not take it for the fear of side effects. Nursing mothers should also not take this product since they can be absorbed into breast milk and be ingested by the baby. It should not be taken by children since no study has proved it to be safe for children.


How expensive is LA-3?

LA-3 is not expensive at all; you will not have to pay through the nose to buy it.

It is recommended by Live Cell Research that people should go for a 90-day supply of the product; this represents three bottles of the product.  Be that as it may, the product is also available in 30-day bottles.


Is LA-3 right for you as a nutritional supplement?

Many of the evidence that supports the reliability of the LA-3 supplement are lacking, according to WebMD.

There are claims by some that the product has the desired positive effect despite the limited clinical evidence available

Keep in mind that what works well for you may not work for others and vice versa. This means you may not get the results that others claimed to have obtained from LA-3 supplements. This is one important fact you must keep in mind before you give your money to Live Cell Research to buy LA-3 supplements.

Keep in mind that you can access 90-day refund if you do not get the desired result after using this product. The 90-day refund covers all the products being sold by the company.

Several other supplements act like AMPK supplements. You can carry out a simple online search to find out about these products.  Many of these products may not be formulated like LA-3, but they claim to work like the product.



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