Active-PK Supplement: Ideal Fat Burner & Energy Booster

Active-PK Supplement: Ideal Fat Burner & Energy Booster

Active-PK supplement; This product was initially called LA-3. It is a nutritional supplement made by Live Cell Research Health (LCR). This supplement is claimed to be an AMPK booster, according to the manufacturer. There are claims that it can reduce your belly fat, increase your energy level and fight your deep fat from the cellular level.


How Active-PK supplement work

Active-PK supplement is referred to as a longevity enzyme on the home page.  It has the power to change the hormones controlling the aging process in the body.  Your AMPK level starts declining as you grow older. As a result, you will develop some health problems, like insulin insensitivity, inflammation, and obesity.

Active-PK supplement can help to boost the activation of AMPK in your body.  It is rich in three main ingredients that have undergone clinical testing. The manufactures said they have carried out clinical trials of the product and that they have achieved positive results. They also claimed the positive results could be obtained in a matter of days. They claim that 100% of the participants reduce their cravings for unhealthy foods within just four weeks; they claimed 75% of participants recorded reduction in body weight after the same period of time; belly fat reduction was also recorded in about 90% of the participants.


Does this product really work?

Can we refer to Active-PK supplement as the most reliable product for anti-aging and weight loss?

The ingredient profile of this product can open our easy to its reliability.

The three main ingredients are discussed below:

1. Berberine

It is an alkaloid obtained from some plants, like a yellow room, California poppy, tree turmeric, barberry, and goldenseal. Many traditional Chinese drugs contain plants rich in berberine.

Recently, berberine has been shown to have equal effectiveness as similar pharmaceutical drugs. This is one of the few compounds that can activate AMPK.

A mice study was carried out in Korea and berberine was discovered to stimulate the activities of AMPK. According to the study, berberine can assist in weight loss and fight diabetes.

Two studies conducted in humans and rats show that berberine is helpful for weight loss.  It can equally reduce the waist circumference in many women. Preliminary studies show that berberine may be useful in controlling blood sugar level.  It can equally lower the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol level.

The side effects       

This compound is absorbed well orally.  Diarrhoea can result from excessive oral dose. Some individuals may also end up with cramping and nausea.

2. Gynostemmapentaphyllum

It is also called Jiaogulan. At times, it is referred to as southern ginseng. Also, it has adaptogenic, antioxidant and anti-aging properties.  Gynostemmapentaphyllum is capable of activating AMPK and improving obesity, according to a mice study.

Gynostemmapentaphyllum has been shown to reduce belly fat and bring about weight loss without any side effect, according to a Korean study conducted on overweight participants. Be that as it may, no study had been carried out on healthy individuals.

3. Quercetin

It is a unique type of flavonoid present in many food types, like broccoli, berries, tomatoes and leafy greens

An in-vitro study carried out on cells indicate that giving Quercetin and berberine individually can promote the activation of AMPK.  However, significant evidence is lacking about the ability of Quercetin in boosting the level of AMPK in humans.

Quercetin has not been found to be effective for weight loss.  It has a low bioavailability just like berberine.  One may not get its health benefits since it is difficult to absorb.

The long-term effectiveness and safety of Active-PK formula have not been studied, just like many other supplements.



It can be proved that Active-PK supplement is reliable for improving overall health, activate AMPK and fight belly fat.  Be that as it may, the results will not be dramatic since the ingredients are not easy to absorb into the human body.



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