How To Become A Fitness Athlete And Keep Fit

How To Become A Fitness Athlete And Keep Fit

How To Become A Fitness Athlete And Keep Fit; Getting a serious attitude with regard to fitness is a decision that is both life changing and positive. This is mainly because regular physical activity can significantly assist in either managing or even preventing an array of health problems like type 2 diabetes, stroke, some cancers etc. Exercise boosts energy levels as it sends both nutrients and oxygen to the body tissues to help the lungs and the heart to operate with increased efficiency. Exercise improves mood and raises confidence. An athletic body promotes a higher calorie burn, stronger ligaments and bones as well as better joint stability.

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How To Become A Fitness Athlete And Get A Functional Athletic Body

There are several ways by which people can learn how to become a fitness athlete and achieve that much-desired athletically fit and functional body; the main ones include the following:

1. Exercising regularly

If you want to get an athletic body then it is important that you exercise on a regular basis. This can be done by fully integrating physical activity into your daily routine. This means that one should exercise for a minimum of half an hour every single day; this translates to approximately 150 minutes every week. An effective and practical way of going about this is mixing both intense and moderate activities. You can also participate in intense sports like playing softball or baseball.

Good examples of moderate exercises include mowing lawns, swimming or brisk walking. On the hand, intense activities include playing basketball, dancing or running. After getting accustomed to a regular fitness routine then focus ought to shift on building balance, agility, power and speed.


2. Strength training

Remember to strength train the body muscles with Smith Machines, this should be at least twice in a week. An excellent example of strength training is lifting weights. Some of the exercise that should be incorporated in an effective strength training routine are dips, military presses, pull-ups, reverse bent over rows, bench presses, power cleans, dead lifts and squats.

However, it should be noted that lifting weights is just a single example or form of strength training. Other ways to strength train is through activities such as heavy gardening or rock climbing.


3. High-intensity interval training

Another highly effective way of getting an athletic body is to add high-intensity interval training to the workout routine you do on a weekly basis. This is mainly because performing some high level of very intense cardio assists you to build speed and ultimately to lean out faster. You can commence with interval work of 15 – 20 minutes either once a week or even twice.

Some good examples of high intensity interval training are rower sprints, treadmill interval sprints, sled pushes and hill sprints. All or some of these can be easily incorporated into your routine.

How To Become A Fitness Athlete And Keep Fit

4. Develop power

Power can be defined as one’s ability to easily and quickly move weight. It is possible to teach the muscles to move at a faster rate using a familiar exercise. Selecting a lifting exercise such as dead lifts or squats is ideal. It is advisable to utilize a weight that is slightly less compared to what you are used to. Proceed to lift that weight at a fast rate but one that you are comfortable with so as not to hurt yourself. Ideally, you should aim at lowering the weight in a controlled and slow manner in a time span of 3-4 seconds and rest for a second then repeat the same routine.


5. Consume a healthy diet

Building an athletic and functional body involves eating a healthy diet. However, this does not mean that you completely cut out carbohydrates from your daily food intake. Instead, eat low carbohydrate food. The central nervous system and the human brain need carbohydrate to operate optimally. This means that the complete elimination of carbohydrate will make you feel lethargic, tired and cranky. People should aim to consume right quantities of carbohydrates and this should be after a workout as well as very early in the morning.

The recommended intake is 45- 65% of daily calories to be derived from carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, beans and whole grains.

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6. Eat adequate fiber

It is also good to eat enough fiber. This is because soluble fiber assists in improving both blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Very good sources of soluble fiber are oranges, apples, dried beans and oats. On the other hand, insoluble fiber aids in the prevention of constipation. Strive to eat more whole grains and vegetables, as they will add adequate quantities of insoluble fiber to the diet. Men require about 28 – 34 grams of fiber every day while women require 22 – 28 grams of fiber.

7. Eat protein

Protein is required for proper growth and development. It provides the body with energy and calories. In fact, 10 – 35% of daily calorie intake ought to be from protein sources. There are excellent protein options from animals and plants. Some high protein foods from plants are unsalted nuts, soy products, lentils and beans. Animal protein should be either low fat or lean and these include dairy, poultry and meat.


8. Fats

Fats comprise of many calories that can promote weight gain. There are kinds of fat that enhance the risk of suffering from heart diseases as well as other diseases. However, they also help the body to absorb vitamins, maintaining cell function and cell membrane structure and maintaining the immune system. The recommended calorie intake from fats should be limited to 20 – 35%. It is advisable to concentrate on unsaturated fats from foods such as fish and lean poultry as well as healthy oils such as nut oil, canola oil and olive oil.

9. Stay well hydrated

The body’s water supply should be frequently replenished for it to function well. Men require approximately 3 liters of water daily while women require 2.2 liters every day. Water should be drank before exercise, during exercise and after completing a workout. When exercising you’ll lose more water through sweating thus you will require drinking more. The amount of water required is a factor of the type of exercise, the duration and how much you will sweat while working out.

Most importantly, you need to find your motivation if you are to achieve athletic fitness and a functional body.


An athletic body and eagerness to keep fit is everybody’s desire as it is quite similar to that of a bodybuilder. On how to become a fitness athlete, the only difference is that it is built for agility, explosiveness, quickness, speed and power rather than strength and size. The above insightful information should help you to achieve an athletically fit and functional body.



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