How To Deal With Someone Who Has Anxiety

How To Deal With Someone Who Has Anxiety

How To Deal With Someone Who Has Anxiety; Anxiety is one of the most frustrating situations a person can face. Many people around the world are affected with it. It is certainly not an easy going. Anxiety can disturb your daily life and make it difficult for you to deal with everyday challenges. It is most common in women than in men.

Anxiety is not something which someone can deal with instantly; it requires time to overcome it. If you know someone who is experiencing any kind of anxiety effect, there are various approaches which you can apply to deal or aid the person. Let’s have a look at some of the tips to help someone with anxiety to overcome it.

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How To Deal With Someone Who Has Anxiety

How To Deal With Someone Who Has Anxiety: Tips

1. Share Your Feelings With The Person

Having such a person in your life with whom you can speak your heart out is a great blessing indeed. A distinct strategy to deal with anxiety is sharing your feelings and problems with someone you can trust. You are sure to get better alternatives to your problems. The person can be your love or friend.


2. Encourage To Take Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) Kratom

Kratom Herb is consumed in a lot of countries around the world for treating specific health problems like stress, depression, constipation, weight loss, pain, sleeping disorder, etc.

Kratom can also be utilized to cope with anxiety. One of the best Kratom strains which can be consumed for anxiety is Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI). It works by calming the body and the mind of the consumer. UEI Kratom induces euphoric level in the body. It offers the greatest outcome even in less quantity. Ultra Enhanced Indo is the upgraded type of Indo Kratom, comprising of high measure of alkaloids, which boost up the action. Another strain which can be used for anxiety is Red Bali Kratom.


3. Encourage The Practice Of Breathing Exercises

You start to breathe so fast under anxiety attack or panic attack, which further makes the mental symptom of panic attack worse. You have to relax and control your breathing. Try to take slow and full breaths, inhale – wait for few seconds – exhale. Some particular breathing exercises are exceptionally indispensable to unwind the body and mind which thus can cope with anxiety. These exercises are performed by many individuals when they are encountering an abnormal level of anxiety.

There are various breathing activities however just the best ones are helpful in diminishing the degree of your anxiety. The breathing exercises which can be performed are incorporate dynamic unwinding, Inhale-hold-breathe out profound breathing, tightened lip breathing, skull sparkling breath, huff cough, stomach breathing method, nostril breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, composed breathing, etc. Sit in an easy position, take a somewhat more profound breathe in through your nose and blow out through mouth in moderately three even breaths with the sound of “huff, huff, huff”.


4. Encourage To Control the Imagination

Most of the time, anxiety comes from imagining and anticipating the wrong situations. So to avoid this case, try not to over think about the future and focus on the current situation. Distract yourself from thinking negatively. Indulge in different activities which can keep your mind off from anxiety situations.

How To Deal With Someone Who Has Anxiety

5. Encourage To Make Use Of CBD Oil

CBD is found in cannabis plant, offering various health benefits. Different analysis has shown that CBD oil helps the people with various anxiety disorders like social anxiety disorder (SAD), post-traumatic stress disorder and panic disorder. Best CBD oil changes the way of thinking about the anxiety as it improves the flow of blood to the hormones which deals with the anxiety.


6. Encourage To Eat Healthy Diet         

There is no specific diet available which can help you cope with anxiety to the full extent. In spite of the fact anything that you eat can affect how you feel. According to researches, lack of zinc and excess of copper may lead to anxiety. In this case, oysters can be useful, which contains high amount of zinc.

Low level of folic acid can be a symptom of anxiety. Asparagus is a mood-boosting vegetable which contains folic acid. Omega-3 fats are useful for brain health like tuna, salmon, and grass-fed beef. Some other foods are spinach, turmeric, blueberries, almonds, oatmeal, turkey, avocados, etc.


7. Encourage To Get Sleep

The worst time to get thought about the things which happened in the past is when you are laying in your bed, trying to sleep. It is actually giving you anxiety. The best way to combat it, is to get sleep as you go to bed. If you have trouble sleeping, you need to work out on your sleeping disorders.


8. Encourage To Combat Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is one of the bases for anxiety. Anxiety spins everything around you in a negative manner, which can worsen your state of anxiety. Under the shadow of anxiety, the person becomes pessimist and hopeless about the future.

It gives you feeling that you are a useless individual in this universe. You feel despised by everybody; you believe you are the most useless individual on the planet however that is not the case in reality. All this negativity is because of anxiety. You are required to change your thinking.

Push negative feelings out of your life. The thing which is required is to combat this negativity. The best way out is transferring your mindset to bright and positive aspects of things. Try to focus on the bright side of everything. It is not easy to change your mindset in such situation however it is an easy way out. Think about the good and positive memories which you have had. Remember about times when you’ve been able to manage situations successfully and reduce anxiety.


9. Encourage To Listen To  Music                                

Listening to music which you like can release much tension from your mind and make you fresh and stress-free. So try to enjoy the music often to release the stress and anxiety.



The tips explained above can be very effective in dealing anxiety. If you are really looking to overcome anxiety then these tips should be a regular part of your daily life. If at any chance you do not get the required results, you can try other tips available. If you have any tip to share, you can do it in the comments below.




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