How to Get Diabetes Treatment Naturally

How to Get Diabetes Treatment Naturally

How to Get Diabetes Treatment Naturally; Chronic hormonal disorders lead to diabetes.  It is characterized by high blood or glucose sugar, and this is due to the resistance of the cells in the body to the action of insulin, which is a hormone produced by the pancreases for the control of the level of blood sugar.  Medical treatment should be sought for diabetes treatment. Nevertheless, you can get it treated via other means. You can also prevent diabetes using some natural means, like exercise, herbal supplementation, and diet modification.


How to Get Diabetes Treatment Naturally: Using Nutrition and Diet

What foods can be taken by a diabetic person?

Having diabetes may prevent you from eating many of the foods you love, but you can still take some of your favorite foods even with diabetes.  The only thing is that such foods should be taken in very small quantity and not often.  You can get directive on the right type of food to take by the help of your healthcare team, who will create a list of foods you can take.

A diabetic person should eat foods that are spread across several groups of foods in the outlined meal plan.

The various groups of food are:

  • Vegetables:

o    Non-starchy: Tomatoes, peppers, greens, carrots, and broccoli

starchy: Green peas, corn, and potatoes

  • Fruits: Grapes, bananas, apples, berries, melon, and orange
  • Grains: whole grains (at least 50% of all the grains eaten daily.

o    Wheat, quinoa, barley, cornmeal, oats, and rice

o    Tortillas, cereal, pasta, and bread.

  • Protein

o    Tofu or other meat substitutes

o    Dried beans and some peas, like split peas and chickpeas

o    Peanuts and nuts

o    Eggs

o    Fish

o    Skinless turkey or chicken

o    Lean Meat

  • Dairy- low fat or nonfat

o    Cheese

o    Yogurt

o    Milk. Those having lactose intolerance should go for lactose-free milk

Foods that are rich in healthy fats should also be taken, like:

    • Avocado
    • Heart-healthy fish, like mackerel, tuna, and salmon
    • Seeds and nuts
    • Oil forms that are liquid at room temperature, like olive oil and canola.

Foods to avoid when having diabetes

Drinks are foods to reduce are:

  • Beverages that contain sugars, like energy drinks, regular sports drinks, regular soda and juice
  • Sweets, like ice creams, candy, and baked goods
  • Foods rich in sodium or salt
  • Fried foods and those foods that are rich in trans-fat and saturated fat

Do not take sweetened beverages; instead, drink water.  When taking tea or coffee, use an alternative to sugar, like honey.

Drink alcohol in moderation if you drink it at all.  Do not take more than a drink per day for a female or two drinks per day for a male. Alcohol can reduce blood glucose excessively if you are taking diabetes or insulin drugs.   This can be the case for those who have not taken any food for a very long time before taking alcohol. Make sure you eat when you are taking alcohol.


When to eat if you have diabetes

When having diabetes, make sure you eat at the same time each day. You may, however, put in some flexibility to your eating pattern.  It may be essential to eat a similar quantity of carbohydrate daily at the same time.  You can make your eating time to be more flexible if you are taking insulin at your meal time; you can also adopt a flexible eating schedule.

Your blood sugar level will reduce if you use insulin or certain diabetes medicines and also skip meals. You should also partner with your health care team about when you should eat, either before or after physical activities.


How to achieve your target blood sugar level: How to Get Diabetes Treatment Naturally

Measurement of blood glucose is done in milligrams per decilitre in the United States

The measurement of blood sugar is done in millimole per liter in Canada and Europe. Blood sugar represents the concentration of blood glucose or sugar in your bloodstream.

You can obtain blood sugar level in milligrams per deciliter by multiplying the measurement in millimole per liter by 18.

Typical blood sugar target levels  

  • Fasting or morning level is <5.3 mmol/l or < 100 mg/dL
  • 1 hours after meal is <7.8 mmol/l or <140 mg/dL
  • 2 hours after meals is <6.4 mmol/L or <115 mg/dL.

Taking insulin according to doctor’s direction

Insulin is used for natural hormone treatment, and it is considered as a natural treatment method for diabetes. The patient can be injected with insulin to reduce move glucose into the cells.  The doctor will guide you on how to take the injection and the quantity to take.


You can prevent or reduce many of the complications of diabetes listed below by including exercise in your routine:

Exercise helps to improve your insulin sensitivity, making it useful for diabetes management. Exercise forces the cells in the body to use the insulin available in the body system. Also, a different mechanism is stimulated by exercise via which the body uses up available glucose in the body. The sugar level in the blood is regulated.

Forms of exercises for managing diabetes

Two forms of physical exercises are recommended by the American Diabetes Association for diabetes management; these are:

  • Strength training
  • Aerobic exercise

Strength training

It is also called resistance training. It can reduce blood sugar level, as well as increase insulin sensitivity. It can equally build stronger muscles and bones, as well as increase resting metabolism. Furthermore, it can lower the risk of osteoporosis.

Some forms of strength training are:

  • Lifting free weights
  • Exercise using body weight like pushups, planks, squats, and situps.
  • Resistance bands
  • Weight machines
  • Strength training classes

How much of strength training is needed?

You should carry out strength training minimum of two times in a week.  You should also add the recommended period of aerobic activity to it.

Stretching exercises

Those who have diabetes and those without it can benefit a lot from stretching exercises. Some of the benefits are:

  • Lowers stress levels
  • Prevent muscle soreness
  • Increase flexibility
  • Reduces injury risk due to strength training and aerobic exercise.
Aerobic exercise

They are also called cardiovascular exercise. They increase the body’s ability to utilize insulin more effectively.  Some of the other benefits are:

  • Better mood
  • Weight management
  • Strong Bones
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Improved circulation
  • Stress relief

Forms of aerobic exercise are:

  • Tai chi
  • Jogging
  • Tennis
  • Skating
  • Dancing
  • Basketball
  • Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Swimming
  • Low-impact aerobic exercise classes
  • Hiking or brisk walking

How to Get Diabetes Treatment Naturally

How much of aerobic activity do you need?

According to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition:

  • Moderate physical aerobic activity for about 30 minutes daily.
  • The exercise should be done about five times daily.

This is recommended for adults between the ages of 18 and 34.  This recommendation can also be helpful for older adults

If you are always busy, you can spare about 30 minutes each day for short workouts. You do not have to spend the 30 minutes at once; you can spread it over the days in short minutes, but make sure the entire time spent on the short workouts total up to 30 minutes at least. You will get the same benefit like an individual that spends the entire 30 minutes on the workout at once.

Incidental physical activity

It talks about specific activities that are frequently done, but you may not consider them as exercise. Some of them are:

  • Washing the car
  • Walking around the shopping mall
  • Moderate intensity gardening
  • Vacuuming
  • Walking to the bus stop
  • Taking the stairs as opposed to the elevator


How to Get Diabetes Treatment Naturally: Using supplements and herbs

Diabetes can be prevented and treated using certain plant minerals and herbs.  They can help in stabilizing blood sugar levels and reducing craving for sweets.

Three of the best supplements and herbs for diabetes:


Calcium is the bestselling mineral supplement, and chromium is the second. It is considered as a fat burner, diabetes controller and muscle builder.  Also, the mineral is important for health and growth

Evening primrose

It is valued a lot by Native Americans. Both its root and plant are also used due to its healing power.  Its oil has a therapeutic effect. It is equally rich in gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), which has been found to be a very important fatty acid for the production of prostaglandins, an important chemical messenger.


Its leaf is used for treating diabetes in India, and it had been in use for over 2000 years.  Its popularity and use in blood sugar management in diabetes have not spread beyond India.

Final Thoughts

Diabetics should engage in the above suggested nutritional diets which have been proven to be of effect to the body blood glucose.


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