Scabies vs Herpes: Similarities And Differences

Scabies vs Herpes: Similarities And Differences
Herpes on the face

Scabies vs Herpes: Similarities And Differences; There is a strong similarity between herpes and scabies.  The two of them are skin problems that lead to discomfort in the affected person. Despite their similarities, they still produce different symptoms, and they are caused by different organisms too. Anyone having herpes will end up with conditions, like clustered or group of small blisters and pain. On the other hand, anyone having scabies will end up with burrowing, shown by linear red lines, and itching.  Both forms of skin problem are uncomfortable and bothersome.  Several health conditions can also lead to sores and rashes on the skin with each of them being unique.

Scabies tips

  • Scabies can survive even if it does not have access to a human host for up to 72 hours. Be that as it may, it needs to feed on human skin to survive
  • The itching and rashes recorded in those having scabies are due to the allergic reactions expressed by their bodies against mites’ wastes and eggs.
  • An individual infested with scabies will have about 20 mites
  • The institutionalized individuals, elderly and immunocompromised persons, are the ones that are at very high risk of developing crusted scabies.


Genital herpes tips   

  • Ulcers and blisters come up in the affected areas
  • The infected person will start seeing the symptoms latest by ten days after the sexual encounter with the infected person.
  • Also, infected person will have flu-like symptoms


Various things to know about scabies are described below

Scabies vs Herpes: Similarities And Differences

Scabies Overview

Scabies is a common skin infection caused by Sarcoptesscabiei, which is a small mite that is known to burrow into the skin. It is also known as seven-year-itch and highly contagious and associated with a painful rash.


Principal among the symptoms is little small red bumps and rash.  The rash is due to the borrowing activities of the mites that cause the skin condition.  Some other symptoms aside from the rash are sores consequent of excessive scratching, redness, scaly patches on the skin, and itching that gets worse at night


Scabies is due to Sarcoptesscabiei mite.  The pregnant mite will burrow its way into the skin where it will lay its eggs.  They live on the skin surface and in the burrows.  The movement of the mites is the cause of the itching.  The condition gets worse at night since this is when the mites become most active.  Keep in mind the highly contagious state of Scabies.  You can get them when you come in contact with an already infested person, provided the person already has scabies. This scabies can live on fabrics and clothing, and you can get them when you share clothing with an infected person.


You can treat scabies with prescription creams, which can be applied all over your body.  This means the cream should not be applied to the areas affected by scabies. Allow the cream to remain on the skin all night. You only need to apply the cream once per day.


Herpes Overview

The basics

Herpes is well-known sexually transmitted diseases (STD). It is due to infection by herpes simplex virus (HSV). It leads to the development of sores on various parts of the body, like the oral region, genitals and anal region.  This condition is highly contagious, and it cannot be cured for now. Many adults in the United States have it, which makes it a common health condition; it affects about one out of every 20 adults.

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The symptoms can show up in various parts of the body, like the genitals, anal area, and oral region.  Some of the symptoms are burning sensation during urination, redness, swelling, blisters or painful sores.  The sores come up in the form of outbreaks. They, however, clear off after sometimes.  You can also expect the sores to come back sometimes later after they are cleared.


Herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus, and it is sexually transmitted, provided your girlfriend, or you already have the virus.  Make sure you always practice safer sex with your girlfriend to prevent contracting the virus. Completely abstain from sex, and you will never have any cause to contact the virus.


As hinted earlier, herpes cannot be cured.  The treatments employ symptomatic routes.  You can apply prescription creams to the sores, and this will make them clear off faster.  You can also use various oral drugs for treating the sores.


Scabies vs Herpes

What differentiates herpes and scabies?


Herpes is an STD, and it is caused by herpes simplex virus. On the other hand, scabies is an infestation of the skin and not a disease or infection. It is caused by mites burrowing into the skin.


You can only have herpes in those skin areas that come in contact with an infected person, whereas scabies can come up on virtually any part of the body.

Treatment: Scabies vs Herpes

Their treatment methods differ.  You can treat the two of them using prescription creams for relieving symptoms, but the creams are used differently.  Prescription creams heal the sores in herpes while scabies cream kills; the bugs logged in the skin.


Scabies does not last a lifetime. Proper treatment can get it cured quickly.  On the other hand, you cannot cure herpes; it remains for a lifetime. The purpose of treatment is to relieve symptoms only.

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