Cumin Seed Oil Health Benefits And Facts

Cumin Seed Oil Health Benefits And Facts

Cumin Seed Oil Health Benefits And Facts; Cumin belongs to the parsley family. It is a dried seed called Cuminumcymium.  It is also a flowered plant of the family Apiaceae, and it originates from the eastern part of the Mediterranean and extends to India in ancient popularity.


What is Black Cumin Seed Oil?

Another name for black cumin seed oil is black coriander oil. It can also be called black oil for short. Black seed belongs to the Nigella Sativa group of plants, and it has its origin in Asia.  The oil has incredible natural healing power for several ailments. It has been found useful for superbugs, like H.pylori or MRSA. It is also useful in cancer patients.

This plant belongs to the buttercup family, and it comes with a crescent-shaped, black, small seeds.  It had been used for as long as the period of King Tut of ancient Egypt.  The black cumin seed oil black cumin seed oil was also sued by Cleopatra for beautiful skin and hair. Hippocrates also used it to aid digestion.

More than 600 studies have shown the various effects of black cumin seed oil and the researches are also promising for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.  The black cumin seed oil contains several active compounds, like thymoquinone and crystalline nigellone. These are the most studied of its components.  Other components of black cumin, seed oil are phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, folate, calcium, vitamins B1, B2, B3, protein, arachidonic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitoleic acid, stearic acid, palmitic acid and myristic acid.

Black cumin seed oil has several health benefits; it can be used for several health conditions, like cancer, boils, skin disorders, anemia, common cold, bronchitis, asthma, respiratory disorders, diabetes, insomnia, and pile. Also, the black cumin seed oil can be used for boosting immunity, lactation and improving digestion.

The seeds of black cumin seed oil are yellow-brown.  They have rectangular and flat shape also. You can use the seeds for making spices since they have unique aroma and flavour.  You can create a warm flavour in your food by adding black cumin seed oil to it.  It can be added to various foods, like chili dishes, soups, stew, gravies and meat dishes.  Black cumin seed oil can be used in treating certain dangerous health conditions, thereby disputing the belief that spices are bad for human health.  It is among the most reliable foods for boosting your overall health.

Cumin Seed Oil Health Benefits And Facts

Cumin Seed Oil Health Benefits And Facts

Cumin seed nutritional facts

Cumin seeds are rich in dietary fibers and iron. Also, they contain other nutrients, like folate, vitamin B1, B2, B3, vitamin K, vitamin E and vitamin C, all in small amounts.  Additionally, other nutrients, like zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, copper, and manganese are also available in cumin seeds.

Nutrient Amount Daily Value
Calories 22.5 1.00%
Carbohydrates 2.7g 3.00%
Fiber 0.6g 3.00%
Protein 1.1g 2.00%
Total Fat 1.3g 2.00%
Iron 4mg 22.00%
Manganese 0.2mg 10.00%
Copper 0.1mg 3.00%
Calcium 55.9mg 6.00%
Magnesium 22.0mg 5.00%
Phosphorus 29.9mg 3.00%
Zinc 0.3mg 2.00%
Vitamin A 76.2 IU 2.00%
Beta carotene 45.7mcg N/A
Lutein + zeaxanthin 26.9mcg N/A
* N/A—Not Applicable



Cumin Seed Oil Health Benefits And Facts

Cumin Seed Oil Health Benefits

Cumin seed oil health benefits include the following:


1. Digestion improvement

This product is good for improving digestion and other associated problems.  It has a unique aroma that can easily stimulate saliva production in the mouth.  Such an increase in saliva production helps to promote digestion.  The aroma is produced by Cuminaldehyde, which is an organic compound and also the main component of essential oil. Another content of the aroma is thymol; it is in abundance in cumin and can, therefore, stimulate the production of acids, enzymes and bile that are involved in food digestion in the intestine and stomach.  Also, cumin is carminative; it can help in relieving troubles related to gas and lead to improvement in appetite and digestion.  Cumin is rich in essential oil, sodium and magnesium, making it able to relieve stomach aches when you mix it with hot water before taking it.


2. Immunity boost

Cumin seed is rich in vitamin C, as hinted earlier.  As a result, it is reliable in boosting the immune system.  It is very helpful for individuals that might have become weakened by stress. Due to its ability to prevent oxidative stress, it is one of the best ingredients for improving the health status of individuals.

Consumption of vitamin C helps in lowering the blood pressure and fighting inflammation. It also reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. It can fight against oxidative stress, promote healthy skin and also prevent cancer growth and proliferation.



3. Respiratory disorder treatment

One other factor that makes cumin seeds is its ability to fight against respiratory problems of various types.  It acts as an anti-congestive agent and as an expectorant.  It also aids in the clearance of the trachea, bronchi, lungs, and airways from mucus. It can act as a disinfectant and stimulant. As a result, it can heal the conditions that led to the congestion after the mucus has been cleared off from the respiratory system.

One of the respiratory conditions healed by cumin seeds is asthma. It is a kind of respiratory problem that leads to bronchial muscle spasm, increased mucus secretion and swelling of the lung linings. These situations can lead to an inability of the affected person to breathe well.  Asthma can lead to various conditions, like hormonal imbalance, stress, exercise, allergies, infections, obesity, and pollution. Cumin seeds can help to increase bronchial restriction and can cure asthma naturally.


4. Protection for the liver

Cumin seed is also protective of the liver, according to a study that took place in 2005 and published in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism. The study proved that cumin seeds could protect rat livers from the effect of ethanol.  Cumin seeds can also prevent the change in the phospholipid fatty acids present in rat liver.


5. Protect against pile

Furthermore, cumin seeds can protect against the development of pile.  Another name for the pile is a hemorrhoid. It is a form of constipation including infection invading the wounds in the anal tract. Cumin seed is rich in fiber, conferring with antimicrobial antifungal, stimulating and carminative properties.  It can equally work as a natural laxative in its powdered form. Cumin seeds can perform this function because they are rich in essential oil that is composed of certain pyrazines and Cuminaldehyde. You can heal up any form of wound or infection by adding cumin seeds to your meals.  It can speed up your rate of digestion and also improve the function of your excretory system.  The compositions of cumin seeds make it able to remove all the symptoms associated with hemorrhoid and also remove any form of itching.



6. Diabetes prevention

Cumin seeds can prevent diabetes.  They do this by lowering your chance of having low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. Hypoglycaemia can lead to several symptoms, like a seizure, loss of consciousness, confusion, trouble talking, clumsiness, weakness, shakiness, and sweating.  Those who have diabetes stand more chance of suffering from hyperglycemia since they consume more alcohol and have less amount of exercise.

According to a 2005 study that was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the cuminaldehyde content of cumin seeds can be a lead compound for the treatment of diabetes since they can improve your glucose tolerance.


7. Cognitive function improvement

You can increase your cognitive function with cumin seeds. It can also help to improve your memory retention and treat certain conditions, like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  You can have confusion and forgetfulness due to excess stress, which can be managed using cumin seeds.

Another study conducted in 2011 and recorded in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Biology found out that cumin seeds have a protective effect on the memory against the damaging effect of stress and memory loss.  100, 200 and 300 mg per kg body weight of cumin seeds were used for the research, and it was given one hour before inducing stress in rats.



Cumin Seed Oil Health Benefits And Facts

8. Protection against anemia

Cumin seeds are rich in iron; their iron content is five times more than what is required by the body on a daily basis. The hemoglobin that is needed to produce blood is rich in iron too. The hemoglobin is responsible for transporting oxygen through the human body to the tissues and cells. One can have anemia when oxygen is in short supply. You will, therefore, do well to add cumin seeds to your diet to prevent anemia. With cumin seeds, you can prevent all symptoms associated with anemia, like digestive issues, cognitive malfunctioning, anxiety, and fatigue.


9. Skin health promotion

Cumin seeds can make your skin look healthier.  It is rich in vitamin E, which is an antioxidant. You can equally strengthen the capillary walls of your skin by consuming adequate cumin seeds. Cumin seeds can improve the elasticity and moisture. It can act as an anti-aging agent too.  You can reduce inflammation by consuming cumin seeds.  It can maintain a youthful, healthy skin and make you feel younger.

If you are frequently exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sunlight or cigarettes smoke, you can curtail the effect of these harmful substances by consuming cumin seeds.  It can help to prevent skin cancer.  You can even fight skin inflammation better by adding vitamin C or vitamin E, both of which are present in cumin seeds. Cumin seeds are useful in treating eczema to keep the skin fresh.  You can use vitamin E also to stimulate and hasten healing process in your skin.  Cumin seeds can be used in treating skin conditions, like wrinkles, acne, and scars. At the end of it all, your skin will look younger and healthier.

Skin infection can be prevented via the antibacterial and antifungal characteristics of cumin seeds.


10. Insomnia prevention

Prevention of insomnia is a very popular effect of cumin seeds.  It can make you feel more relaxed so that you can sleep faster and easier. This property is due to several of its attributes. However, the vitamin B complex in it is the most involved in the treatment of insomnia.  Do not forget that cumin seeds can also improve digestion; this also makes it reliable for inducing sleep.  Cumin seed is additionally hypnotic. It has a tranquilizing effect and will, therefore, help to relieve your stress. It can also calm your anxiety, which is one of the factors responsible for insomnia.


11. Cancer prevention

The chemopreventive and detoxifying properties of cumin seeds make it one of the most reliable foods for preventing cancer.  The seeds equally have anti-carcinogenic enzymes in it that can help prevent cancer.  It contains several antioxidants, like vitamin A and vitamin C, which is one of the factors that make it one of the best products for fighting cancer. It is also rich in essential oils. Antioxidants are anti-carcinogenic. The antioxidants present in cumin seeds are useful in preventing colon cancer.


12. Drug addiction detoxification

You can detoxify drug addiction using cumin seeds.  An example of drugs that can cause addiction is opiates. Examples of opiates are codeine, morphine, and oxycodone.  About 9% of the human population may end up using opiate wrongly in their lifetime.

The symptoms common to drug abuse are:

  • Diarrheal, Goosebumps, dilated pupil
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Nausea
  • Runny nose
  • Sweating
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle aches
  • Anxiety
  • Agitation

A study published in the Neuroscience Letters Journals in 2008 showed that the essential oil in cumin seeds is useful in reducing dependence and tolerance to morphine in mice. Aside from this, cumin seeds have several other health benefits

Cumin seeds can be used in treating conditions, like psoriasis, eczema, rashes, boils, and several other skin conditions.  Also, it is effective in the management of hypertension, obesity, jaundice, laryngitis, cataracts, erectile dysfunction, low libido, anemia and insomnia.


Other benefits of cumin seeds

Cumin seeds are useful in treating painful stings and insect bites. They can also help to improve memory.  You will be doing yourself a world of good by adding the seeds to your diet.


How to prepare cumin seeds

It can be blended along with some other healthy spices. Check below for direction on how to prepare cumin dishes

Cumin recipe for taco seasoning


  • ¼ cup of cumin powder
  • ¼ cup of pink Himalaya sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon of ground pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of paprika
  • 1 teaspoon of oregano lead powder
  • 1 tablespoon of garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon of onion powder
  • ¼ cup of chili powder


Add all the ingredients in a jar and shake them thoroughly. You can also add all to a food processor. Pour the mixture into an airtight jar for storage.  You can use the mixture as a paleo option for lettuce tacos.  Add about three tablespoons of this mixture to ground beef or chicken.

Chilli seasoning with cumin


  • 1 tablespoon of thyme
  • 2 tablespoons of paprika
  • ¼ cup of oregano
  • ½ cup of chili powder
  • 3 tablespoon of onion powder
  • ¼ cup of garlic powder
  • ¼ cup of cumin powder


  • First, combine the entire ingredient into an airtight container and store
  • Then, add it to any chili pepper recipe


Chilli with cumin seeds and kale

This is a welcoming dish for vegans the spice to be used in this recipe can be replaced with chili seasoning.


  • 1 teaspoon of grey Celtic sea salt
  • Tg-2sfh 1 bunch of kale
  • 4 cups of water
  • 2 teaspoons of chili powder
  • 2 teaspoons of dry oregano
  • 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder
  • 1 teaspoon of whole coriander seeds
  • 1 teaspoons of whole cumin seeds
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin oil, coconut oil, and ghee
  • 1medium sized chopped leek
  • 2 cups of adzuki beans.


  • Get the adzuki soaked overnight
  • Sauté the chopped leek in ghee or oil in a medium pot on low heat for some five minutes
  • Get the coriander seeds and cumin seeds ground using a coffee grinder. Then add oregano, chili powder, and turmeric into the leek
  • Drain the adzuki beans and rinse it. Then stir them gently in the already sautéed leeks. Afterwards, add water and boil it. Reduce the heat to simmer after it has boiled.
  • Leave the simmer covered until the beans get softened or for about one hour. Also, add the Celtic sea salt to it halfway through the cooking.
  • Wash the kale and chop it. Pour the chopped kale on top of the adzuki beans after the latter has softened. Allow them to steam until the kale has assumed bright green colour or for about five minutes on medium heat. Then remove it from the heat and leave it to cool for some five minutes. Mix it well and serve hot.

What to look for in black cumin seed oil       

Black cumin seed oil is easy to absorb.  It is also the most effective method to consume black seeds, according to certain research results.  The Black cumin seed oil must, however, be from a good source before you consume it. The best forms are:

  • Must be protected from rancidity by protective air-glass and high-quality light
  • Must contain no diluting oils or additives
  • Must be pre-pressed without any form of chemical extraction
  • Must be organic


Possible health risks

You can add them to your regular food without any problem.  You can take them orally for medicinal purpose too, and they are safe

They may, however, slow the rate of blood clotting. As a result, people with a bleeding disorder should avoid it. It can lower your blood sugar level too and lead to hypoglycemia. Monitor your blood sugar level when taking it. Do not eat cumin about two weeks before a surgical procedure.


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