How to Get That Baby Boy You Desire Without Medical Help

How to Get That Baby Boy You Desire Without Medical Help
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Finding the best solution on how to get that baby boy you desire without medical help is easier when you have some knowledge on how the female body works and how the eggs get fertilized by female or male sperm. However, some people aren’t really into scientific methods and medical theories so they prefer using home and natural products or methods, such as various foods or plants for example.


How to Get That Baby Boy You Desire Without Medical Help

Whether you’re among those persons looking for solutions on how to get that baby boy you desire without medical help or among those individuals searching for the most accessible scientific ways to increase your chances of giving birth to a male baby, you should check the tips and suggestions below.


How to Get That Baby Boy You Desire Without Medical Help


Dr. Shettles’ technique has probably been the world’s most widely used gender selection method since the publication of his bestseller, How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby, in the 1960s.

Although his claims to a 75-90% success rate have never been proven, the method has the advantages of being natural, low-cost, and reasonably easy to implement for any couple.

The Shettles Technique is based on the assumption that male sperm cells are faster, but more fragile, than female sperm cells. In order to get pregnant with a boy, you therefore have to create conditions that favor the fast-moving male sperm rather than the more robust female sperm.

Here’s how to get that baby boy you desire.


How to Get That Baby Boy You Desire Without Medical Help

How to Get That Baby Boy You Desire Without Medical Help

  1. Ensure the Determination of the Mother’s Ovulation Date.

The Shettles Method is a collection of techniques purported to be useful for increasing the chance of conceiving babies of the desired sex. According to the Shettles Method, having sex as close to ovulation as possible increases the odds of having a boy. If you don’t already know when the mother is likely to ovulate, follow the instructions below to determine your ovulation date:

  • Observe the cervical mucus each day. Right before ovulation, the mucus should be elastic and watery, similar in consistency to a raw egg white. Shettles recommends charting the cervical mucus for at least a month prior to conception.
  • Take your temperature each morning before you get out of bed. Just after ovulation, your temperature will spike.[1]Because you will want to have sex as close to ovulation as possible, it is advised to chart your BBT at least 2 months prior to conception to get a sense for when your ovulation is likely to occur in the following month.
  • Use an ovulation predictor kit. These kits, which are available at most pharmacies or through online suppliers, detect when your body releases luteinizing hormone (LH) prior to ovulation. To catch the LH surge as soon as possible, Shettles recommends testing twice a day, preferably between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. for the first test and between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. for the second test.


2. Fathers Should Maximize Their Sperm Count.

 The Shettles Method recommends that the father should takes steps to ensure that his sperm count is as high as possible to raise the chance of a successful pregnancy from a single session of sex. Most importantly, this means that the father should abstain from orgasm for about 2-5 days before ovulation. However, a variety of other factors can also affect sperm count. The tips below can help you get a high sperm count and ensure the sperm are as healthy as possible:

  • Keep the testes cool. Sperm production is at its highest when the testes are slightly cooler than body temperature. Avoid tight-fitting underwear, hot tubs, and warm laptops.
  • Don’t smoke or drink. Men who smoke and drink heavily are more likely to have low sperm count. If you’re having a hard time quitting, talk to your doctor.
  • Don’t take illegal drugs. Marijuana has been shown to have a similar effect as cigarettes when it comes to sperm count. Cocaine and other types of hard drugs are also known to hamper sperm production.
  • Avoid certain medications. A variety of medications can affect a man’s fertility — some, like chemotherapy medications, can even make a man permanently infertile.[2]If you are currently taking serious medications, talk to your doctor about your fertility goals. You may be encouraged to make and store a sperm sample to ensure that you’ll be able to conceive in the future.


3. Have Sexual Intercourse Close to Ovulation.

The most important element in the Shettles Method is intercourse timing. Because male sperm cells are moving faster, having intercourse as closely to ovulation as possible increases the chance that a male sperm will reach the egg first.

On the other hand, intercourse in the days before ovulation will increase the likelihood of having a girl: Because the female sperm cells live longer, there will be more female than male sperm still around when the egg is finally released and ready to be fertilized.

As a result, Shettles recommends using a condom or avoiding intercourse during the last 4-5 days before ovulation, except the “now or never” intercourse which should take place no more than 12 hours before ovulation.

To make this work, you obviously need to be able to pinpoint the time of ovulation very precisely:

  • Temperature charting is a great tool for getting to know your cycle if it takes more than a few months to get pregnant, but it will only indicate the ovulation day once ovulation is over and it’s too late for conception.
  • Observing your cervical mucus can help you to know when you’re in your fertile period, but is not precise enough for the Shettles Method.
  • Your best option is therefore to use ovulation tests, and avoid intercourse until the tests become positive.


4. Have Sex in a Standing or Rear-Entry Position.


 How to Get That Baby Boy You Desire Without Medical Help 

The Shettles Method advises using sexual positions that encourage deep penetration, such as a rear-entry position, when trying to conceive a boy. The logic behind this is that ejaculating during deep-penetration sex places the sperm as close as possible to the cervix, giving the fast-moving male sperm an advantage.

One of the best positions to conceive a boy is the standing one, as this allows the male to have control. Besides allowing for deep penetration, this position also makes the man the one who dominates and it’s thought such positions are more likely to increase the odds of having male babies.

You can also use variations, as long as your pelvis remains in the upright position, as female sperm is heavier and swims slower than male one. So when it comes to fertilizing an egg after swimming against gravity, it’s obvious that a standing position is better for those looking for ways to conceive a boy.


5. Try and Ensure the Woman Gets an Orgasm During Sex.

How to Get That Baby Boy You Desire Without Medical Help

 When the woman gets an orgasm, the cervical mucus inside her vagina becomes more alkaline and creates a better environment for male sperm. Ideally, the woman should climax before the male partner.

According to the Shettles method, male sperm, which are more fragile than female sperm, tend to die faster in the acidic environment inside the vagina. With this logic, giving the woman an orgasm can improve the chances of the male sperm. During female orgasm, extra cervical fluid is released, decreasing the acidity inside the vagina. This makes the environment more hospitable to male sperm, increasing the chances that they make it to the egg alive. Preferably, the woman’s orgasm is achieved immediately before the father ejaculates.

  • The Shettles Method also claims that the orgasmic contractions can help push the sperm into the cervix faster.
  • If the woman can’t achieve orgasm, don’t be discouraged — it’s not essential. 


6. Stay Away From conceiving before or after ovulation.

The Shettles Method only claims to work for the single session of sex that you use it during. Any other sex can interfere with the method by causing a child to be conceived outside of ideal Shettles Method conditions during which the chance for conceiving a boy is 50/50. Because of this, it’s very important to ensure that the man does not have unprotected sex with the woman in the days before and after ovulation. You don’t want the carefully-controlled sperm from your Shettles Method sex session competing with ordinary sperm.

  • By most measures, sperm can remain alive in the vagina for 3-5 days.[3]This means that the father and mother should stop having unprotected sex about 5 days before ovulation is expected. It’s also wise to refrain for several days after ovulation as well for the same reason.
  • If sex is unavoidable, use a condom to avoid accidentally conceiving a child outside of the predetermined window.


7. Make Your Man Wear Boxers to Preserve His Sperm Cells.

As a woman who is looking for a male child, you will have to help preserve the sperm cells in your husband’s groin. This means that you will support your husband by getting him boxers that will allow more air to reach his groin. Tight briefs may do more harm than you can see. Too much heat around the groin may denature the sperm cells. Even though you think it is all about you, you have to ensure the male sperm that will fertilise your eggs are viable.


8. Men: Keep Cool and Drink Coffee.

To increase your chances of getting pregnant with a boy, Shettles recommends that the male partner try to keep his testicles cool. Again, a lower scrotal temperature is good for sperm in general, but male sperm will get a greater benefit than the more resistant female sperm.

Use boxer shorts instead of briefs, avoid tight clothing in general, and avoid hot baths, saunas and heated car seats.

Dr. Shettles also believed that a couple cups of coffee (or another caffeinated drink) 15 to 30 minutes before intercourse would give both male and female sperm an extra boost, but that male sperm would be most favored. Worth trying.




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