Amazing Health Benefits Of Chili Pepper

Amazing Health Benefits Of Chili Pepper

Amazing Health Benefits Of Chili Pepper; Chilli pepper may be hot, but it is highly beneficial. It is also popular and is well used due to its health and medicinal properties.  The family name is nightshade or Solanaceae.  The genus name is Capsicum.

Its scientific name is Capsicum annuum. Some of the other members of the family are potatoes, aubergine, and tomatoes. Other members are raw green chilies and dry chili peppers with seeds.

The plant is small and grows perennially.  Its stem is wooden, and it can reach a height of one meter at times.   The origin of the plant is Central America, and it is used as a spice ingredient in many of Mexican cuisine, and it had been in use for centuries.  At a later date, it was introduced to the Portuguese and Spanish dishes in the 16th and 17th centuries.  However, its use has covered the entire universe today as it is being used in virtually every part of the world. The pepper comes in varieties; some of these varieties are Serrano, habanero, jalapeno, and cayenne.

Many of those that are growing chili peppers are scattered across the globe, and the plant can also bear flower which can then develop to the fruit pod having various colors, shapes, and sizes. It also has varieties of pungency.  The fleshiness and hotness also vary from one species to another. Some of the ranges of hotness are nag jalokiya, tiny, fiery, fleshy and so on.  Scoville Heat Units (SHU) is used in measuring the hotness of chili peppers. On this scale, sweet bell pepper has a score of 0. Jalapeno pepper, on the other hand, has a score of 2,500 to 4,000 units. Mexican habaneros can have a measurement as high as 200,000 to 500,000.

Chilli peppers contain many flat, circular, cream-colored, white and tiny seeds.  These seeds also cling strongly to a central white-placenta.

Chilli peppers are harvested when they are still green.  They can also be harvested when they have reached full maturity, and they have dried on their plants. They can be harvested once they are red and mature.  After harvesting, they can be spread under the sun to dry and shrink in size.  The taste is very strong, and it is rich in active alkaloid compounds, like capsorubin, capsanthin, and capsaicin.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Chili Pepper


Nutritional Facts

Capsaicin is one of the most prominent contents of chili peppers. It is an alkaloid compound, which has a lot of health benefits’ capsaicin has anti-diabetic, analgesic, anti-carcinogenic and anti-bacterial properties.  Also, it reduces cholesterol and LDL level in the obese individuals.

Fresh chili peppers are of various colors, like green and red, depending on their level of ripeness.  They are rich in vitamin C, and they can provide a high concentration of RDA.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant of the water-soluble type.  It can also help with the production of collagen in the human body.  Collagen is very important in the maintenance of the integrity of various parts of the human body, like the bones, organs, skin and blood vessel.  If you consume food rich in vitamin C, you can keep conditions like scurvy, at bay. Vitamin C also increases your resistance to several infectious agents; that is, it can boost your immunity. It can equally scavenge free radicals that are pro-inflammatory and harmful to the human body.

Furthermore, chili peppers are rich in flavonoids and vitamin A, both of which can act as antioxidants. Good examples of flavonoids in it are cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, lutein, alpha-carotene, and beta-carotene.  The antioxidants are useful for protecting the human body from all sorts of injuries caused by diseases, stress, and radicals.

Also, chili peppers contain several minerals, like magnesium, iron, manganese, and potassium.                     The potassium content makes it easy to control blood pressure and heart rate.  Manganese can also be used as a co-factor for superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant enzyme.

Additionally, chili pepper is a good source of B-complex vitamins. Good examples of this are thiamine (vitamin B-1), riboflavin, pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) and niacin.  The vitamins are essential in the human body, and they are, therefore, gotten from external sources.

The minerals and vitamins present in chili peppers are much. If you access just 100g of chili peppers, it contains the following:

  • 7% of potassium
  • 14% of copper
  • 13% of iron
  • 32% of vitamin A
  • 39% of vitamin B-6
  • 240% of vitamin C

 Chilli pepper does not contain any cholesterol.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Chili Pepper


Amazing Health Benefits Of Chili Pepper

Aside from the pungent oral sensation you get from capsaicin, it also causes endorphin rush. As a result, it is highly effective as a remedy for several medical conditions, like pain.

University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine’s director of integrative medicine, Dr. Aswim Mehta, said Chilli pepper could be used for arthritis pain and neuropathic pain, as well as dermatological conditions that may have a painful itch.

Capsaicin also helps obese people to lose weight, aside from helping people to relieve pain.  It can shrink fat tissue and also reduce calorie intake.

 Some of the benefits are discussed below.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Chili Pepper include:

1. Resolve inflammation

Capsaicin has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics.  It can be trusted for treating cancer and many inflammatory diseases. According to Future Oncology research, capsaicin can be trusted for suppressing the growth of prostate cancer cells in human.


2. Immunity booster

Chilli pepper also contains a lot of beta-carotene and this substance can be converted to vitamin A in the human body.  Vitamin A is used extensively to maintain the mucous membrane in a healthy state. It can, therefore, prevent any pathogen from invading the body.  Furthermore, it is rich in vitamin C, and this can improve the production of white blood cells, which are soldiers in the body for curtailing germs.


3. Insulin reduction

One other benefit of Chilli pepper is the reduction of insulin level, which makes it one of the best natural products for regulating blood sugar level.  Consuming Chilli pepper ion a regular basis can be trusted to lower hyperinsulinemia risks; this is according to research by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN).


4. Heart protection

Aside from all the benefits of Chilli pepper described above, it can also be trusted for maintaining good health of the human heart.  The capsaicin content of Chilli pepper can reduce platelet aggregation, cholesterol, and triglyceride.  It can also assist the body in dissolving fibrin and wound healing. It can prevent blood clots from forming.  A culture that makes use of hot pepper has a lower rate of stroke and heart attack.


5. Relieve congestion and prevent sinusitis

There is no better way to address the issue of nasal congestion than by consuming capsaicin.  It can clear your nose of all the mucus in it.  It is equally rich in antibacterial compounds and can fight against chronic sinus infection.


Amazing Health Benefits Of Chili Pepper

Aside from the contents mentioned above, Chilli pepper is equally rich in several bioactive substances, like

  • Capsanthin, which is the primary form of carotenoid in the pepper. Carotenoid is an antioxidant that makes the pepper red. It also represents about 50% of all antioxidant in this spice.
  • Lutein: It is higher in the green form of Chilli pepper compared to the red/ripe form. It is good for maintaining the health of the human eyes.
  • Violaxanthin: It stands out as the major carotenoid in the yellow form of Chilli pepper. Also, it represents about 68% of the total content of the yellow Chilli pepper.
  • Sinapic acid: It has a very strong neuroprotective potential
  • Ferulic acid: It protects against health conditions, like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.


Chili Pepper Preparations/Uses

The preparation and uses of Chilli pepper

Red chili powder

It can be washed using clean water before you cook it.  Washing removes sand and fungicide from it. The ground or fresh form of Chilli pepper can lead to burning sensation in hand and irritate the throat.

Here are some serving tips:

Red chili Pepper sauce

• Fresh raw bell peppers and other sweet, mild variety peppers are utilized as vegetables in cuisines in many parts around the world.

• Dried chili powder is a necessary ingredient in the spice mix known as curry powder in many Asian countries.

• Chopped peppers are being utilized in the preparation of chili sauce, pizzas, rolls, and in a variety of dishes using fish, chicken, and meat, in many Central American and European regions.

• Chilies, soaked in yogurt and then dried under sunlight, consumed as condiment side-dish served in the course of dinner in South-Indian states.

• Hot chilies utilized as a condiment in the preparation of soups, chili oil, chili sauce, vinegar-spice mix, spicy-water, etc.


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