Laughter- Some Girls Will Never Change

Laughter- Some Girls Will Never Change

Laughter- Some Girls Will Never Change


*Some Girls Will Never Change.*
A lecturer walked into a class room and told all the students that there will be an
emergency test..
He Went straight to the black board and wrote the instructions which says:
A. Time is 15 minutes
B. No copying
C. No cancellation of answers
D. Once it’s time walk away from
Your desk.
He told the students to get ready; that it will be a very simple two.
Questions ::::::
1. List four of your favorite food.
Immediately students started writing…
Boys were writing Eba, Pounded
yam, rice, beans, fufu (I wrote Achicha) etc…
The girls were busy writing Hotdogs, Pizza, Shawarma, Burger, Vanilla ice cream etc…
All the ladies were happy until they saw the final question.
2. Explain how to prepare your favourite meal as listed in question One.
“Yawa come gas”
See girls and cancellation,
They cancelled all their first answers and started changing it to:
Yam and Beans, White Rice, Egg, Tea, Akamu, Indomie, Dodo…… Somebody even wrote hot water.
????????? A very fabulous day friends



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